Fishing Trip 9/18/2011

Our scheduled fishing trip on 9/18/11 with the group from the Bill Wilson Center in Santa Clara, with Jose Andrade as counselor, was completed with all kids having a great time. We fished off of the Marin Rod and Gun Club Pier thanks to Pat Damos. A few fish were caught and fun was had by all. The weather was perfect with calm seas and low winds. We served snacks for breakfast and sandwiches, with most of the cost donated by Safeway thanks to Courtney Houston. The trip was completed by 1:30 PM due to the time requirements of some of the kids.

The head mentor was Mel Kon, one of the best pier fisherman in the Bay Area, assisted by his wife Dewi, Mark Elkins, Gary Edwards, Mike Johnson, and myself, Richard Kent. Much of the equipment and tackle that the kids used was donated by Alan Tani and Jeff Young. Other tackle was purchased at Fisherman’s Warehouse in San Jose at great discount thanks to Daniel Schmidt.

We would like to thank all who participated in this great trip. We are particularly grateful to the Marin Rod and Gun Club for providing us the opportunity for this wonderful experience.


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