Kids trip 8-9-2012 – completed

Kids Trip July 9, 2012

We finally got it done. Through the generosity and help of Tom Mattusch and his deckhand Jake on the Hulicat we got the kids out fishing. We left the dock about 7AM and returned about 2PM. The seas did cooperate even though there was a little rock and roll. We ended up with limits for all 17 kids including 3 big ling cod. The group we took out was the Sunnyvale PAL (Police Athletic League). The kids were about 10 to 17 years old. All the kids were troopers with some going down for short naps. As we got back to the dock there could be heard cheers and shouts of joy and great pride by the kids. Smiles were to be seen on all faces including mentors and counselors. The Captain and deckhand also had big smiles as they had enjoyed the day as much as the kids and the rest of us.

We would like to thank the great fishing mentors for this trip: Alan Tani, Jeff Young, Dan Gomez, Baja Bev, Mel Kon, and Brian Young. Gary Edwards and Richard Kent were there from Discover Angling to help wherever they could. Without the help of these great fisherman and generous people this trip would not have been.

Finally we want to thank Tom Mattusch and Jake for a great trip. The Hulicat is a great fishing vessel and Tom is the best.

Sunnyvale PAL 8-9-12


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