Kids Trip 10-11-12 completed

Today we took a group of at risk kids from Homestead High School out fishing on the Hulicat with Captain Tom Mattusch in charge and Jake as deckhand. The weather was better than the last time out and the fishing was exceptional. Tom put us on fish time after time and we loaded the boat. We got back to the dock about 2:30 PM after leaving the dock about 7:30 AM. There were kids on-board that could not keep the fish off their lines. It was tough to choose a winner for the most fish and the largest. The mentors that volunteered were an exceptional group. Thanks to John Kopernik, Brian Young, Bennie Dimas, Roger Shu, Bill Graham, Jon Schatmeier, and Richard Kent(me). These volunteers represent many of the Bay Area fishing clubs and are some of the finest recreational fisherman in the area.

We are trying to plan a crab trip for some time in November.

Homestead High School kids trip 10-11-12


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