FLY kids trip 6/10/2013

The group from FLY (Fresh LifeLines for Youths) joined us for a shallow water rockfish trip out of Princeton Harbor in Half Moon Bay on the Hulicat, Captain Tom Mattusch at the helm. We had a great group of mentors helping the kids including Mel Kon, Baja Bev, Mark Elkins, Dan Gomez, Gary Edwards and Richard Kent. The Deckhand on the Hulicat was Jake Carrier, The seas cooperated and we had a very enjoyable fishing trip with all the kids catching fish and going home with bags of fillets. We left the dock about 7AM and returned about 2PM. Prizes were awarded for the biggest fish, most fish caught, and the bravest of them all (this prizes was voted on by all aboard).DSCF0928 DSCF0937 DSCF0939 DSCF0940 DSCF0942


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