A new year a new beginning

In mid January we had planning meeting with many of the mentors concerning planning for this year. We plan on having at least 4 trips and 2 of which are already scheduled. We have been in contact with the Sunnyvale PAL and they have committed two 2 trips starting in June. All of our plans are contingent on what the California Dept of Wildlife decides for ocean rockfish and salmon fishing.

There is a fund raising event planned for sometime in mid to late April. It will be held at the Treasure Island Winery with wine tasting and food available. More on this later. If anyone is interested in attending this event please contact us at richard@discoverangling.com.

This blog will be updated as plans become clearer. You can use the contact form below to request more information.


Kids Trip 6/26/2013

Our 6/19 trip had to be rescheduled to 6/26 due to poor weather conditions. It was very fortunate that we changed the date because today was was a perfect day to be out on the ocean. We were greeted with very little wind and virtually no swell. T-shirts were the dress for the day. Capt. Tom Mattusch and deckhand Jake Carrier put us on the fish and kept us on them. We ended up with just about limits of rockfish and one king salmon. The salmon came with 2 others that turned out to be silvers that we put back. The kids and mentors worked hard and had lots of fun.

We were fortunate to have a group of mentors that were some of the finest that we have had on a trip. The mentors were Mel Kon, Baja Bev Seltzer, Dave Doubledee, William Odum, Bill Doo, and Swiss Joe. I, Richard Kent,  filled out the list and was there just to help where needed. Prizes were given to the kid with the biggest fish, the kid that caught the most fish, and the kid selected by the whole group as the bravest on the trip.



FLY kids trip 6/10/2013

The group from FLY (Fresh LifeLines for Youths) joined us for a shallow water rockfish trip out of Princeton Harbor in Half Moon Bay on the Hulicat, Captain Tom Mattusch at the helm. We had a great group of mentors helping the kids including Mel Kon, Baja Bev, Mark Elkins, Dan Gomez, Gary Edwards and Richard Kent. The Deckhand on the Hulicat was Jake Carrier, The seas cooperated and we had a very enjoyable fishing trip with all the kids catching fish and going home with bags of fillets. We left the dock about 7AM and returned about 2PM. Prizes were awarded for the biggest fish, most fish caught, and the bravest of them all (this prizes was voted on by all aboard).DSCF0928 DSCF0937 DSCF0939 DSCF0940 DSCF0942

New Kids Trips June 10th and June 19th 2013

A new year and time for more trips. On June 10th, 2013 we will be taking the kids from the FLY (Fresh Lifelines for Youth) group out on the Hulicat for some shallow water rockfish. On June 19th we will be hosting the kids from the Sunnyvale PAL.This will be our, I believe, 5th trip with FLY and our second trip with Sunnyvale.. We have put together a very fine group of mentors for these trips and we are very proud to have them.

We will report on the results with pictures when we have completed each trip.

If you wish to contribute to this trip or wish to sign up as a mentor for this or any other trip please go to our website at http://www.discoverangling.com

Kids Trip 10-11-12 completed

Today we took a group of at risk kids from Homestead High School out fishing on the Hulicat with Captain Tom Mattusch in charge and Jake as deckhand. The weather was better than the last time out and the fishing was exceptional. Tom put us on fish time after time and we loaded the boat. We got back to the dock about 2:30 PM after leaving the dock about 7:30 AM. There were kids on-board that could not keep the fish off their lines. It was tough to choose a winner for the most fish and the largest. The mentors that volunteered were an exceptional group. Thanks to John Kopernik, Brian Young, Bennie Dimas, Roger Shu, Bill Graham, Jon Schatmeier, and Richard Kent(me). These volunteers represent many of the Bay Area fishing clubs and are some of the finest recreational fisherman in the area.

We are trying to plan a crab trip for some time in November.

Homestead High School kids trip 10-11-12

New Trip 10/11/2012

Discover Angling is pleased to announce that we will be taking some of the at risk kids from Homestead High School out fishing on October 11, 2012. We will be going out on the Hulicat with captain Tom Mattush and mate Jake for a shallow water rock fish trip. Our last adventure with the Sunnyvale group was very successful and all aboard had a wonderful day. We hope to repeat the results of the last trip.

We will post pictures and results after the trip is completed

Kids trip 8-9-2012 – completed

Kids Trip July 9, 2012

We finally got it done. Through the generosity and help of Tom Mattusch and his deckhand Jake on the Hulicat we got the kids out fishing. We left the dock about 7AM and returned about 2PM. The seas did cooperate even though there was a little rock and roll. We ended up with limits for all 17 kids including 3 big ling cod. The group we took out was the Sunnyvale PAL (Police Athletic League). The kids were about 10 to 17 years old. All the kids were troopers with some going down for short naps. As we got back to the dock there could be heard cheers and shouts of joy and great pride by the kids. Smiles were to be seen on all faces including mentors and counselors. The Captain and deckhand also had big smiles as they had enjoyed the day as much as the kids and the rest of us.

We would like to thank the great fishing mentors for this trip: Alan Tani, Jeff Young, Dan Gomez, Baja Bev, Mel Kon, and Brian Young. Gary Edwards and Richard Kent were there from Discover Angling to help wherever they could. Without the help of these great fisherman and generous people this trip would not have been.

Finally we want to thank Tom Mattusch and Jake for a great trip. The Hulicat is a great fishing vessel and Tom is the best.

Sunnyvale PAL 8-9-12