Kids Trip 10/13/2018


A very successful trip on the Hulicat with the Sunnyvale Pal Kids. Captain Mile put us on the fish and kept us there. The kids with the help of our mentors and the adults from the group caught over 200 rockfish and many large ling cod which kept deckhand Dylan extremely busy.  Dylan was all over the boat unhooking fish, gaffing large lings, and untangling lines. Dylan was always there and everywhere. Captain Mike was out there helping the kids bring in there catch. Dylan filleted all the fish on the way back to the dock and boy was he exhausted. Each person on the boat went home with a large bag of filleted fish.

We would like to thank Costside Fishing Club and the Friends of Rollo for their help sponsoring this trip through their generous donations.  Sprouts markets also helped with discounts on sandwiches, water, and ice and a generous donation.

The trip was organized in conjunction Steve Gorsche of the Sunnyvale Police Dept. He and his group of parents and counselors did a wonderful job of helping with the great group of kids that they brought. The kids were an absolute joy. One of the boys was having his birthday and another brave boy got sick but got back up and continued fishing  for the remainder of the trip. Another kid caught 2 very large ling cod on a single hook, one was trying to eat the other which we call a hitch hiker.

We would like to thank our great mentors that are always there when we call for volunteers. The mentors were Gary, Dan, Ed, Mel, John, Jeff, and me. You guys are great and we greatly appreciate you all for your time and assistance.

Finally would like express our great appreciation to our President Alan Tani for the donation of all the rods and reels, the hand tied tackle, and the weights that we used on this trip.


New sponsors

Coastside Fishing Foundation and Friends of Rollo have joined the list of sponsors for our kids fishing trips. Both have contributed to our next trip scheduled for July 8, 2018. We also consider Tom Mattusch as an ongoing sponsor since we get to use his boat for our trips.

Thanks to all that have contributed and also thanks to our volunteer mentors that donate their time and energy.

In Memory of Joe

We all morn the loss of our good fried and kids fishing mentor  Joe Schmidig. Joe was always one of the first to volunteer when we announced a kids trip. The kids loved him and he loved the kids. He was also a fishing friend that had fished with us many times. I remember one incident with a thresher shark that had us all rolling on the deck. Joe died on March 27, 2018. He will be greatly missed.Joe 2017

A new year 2018

The new year is going to a busy one for Discover Angling. We currently have 2 trips planned in July and September. Their is a third trip in the planning stage and a forth trip is being worked on. Four trips in one year is a very ambitious goal for us but we will make it work.

Please visit our new website at and let us know what you think. Any ideas for trips that we can schedule would be greatly appreciated



Kids Trip 8/27/17

Discover Angling took 18 disadvantaged kids(from the Sunnyvale PAL) and their counselors out rockfishing on Sunday. We brought 7 expert fisherman as mentors to work with kids. Capt Mike and deckhand Donovan did a great job putting us on the fish and helping the kids land their catch. We ended up with 200 rockfish and 3 lings for 29 people. We also hooked a salmon while rockfishing and let him go.

On the way in Capt Mike put out 5 salmon rolling rods and we hooked 3 salmon in 15 minutes right outside the harbor. Unfortunately 2 got off but one did go home with the lucky kid that brought it in.

We would like to mention the mentors that volunteered for this outing:

Bill Doo
Joe Schmidg
John Kopernik
Dayton Leong
Ed Marchese
Gary Edwards
RSK (that’s me)

Thanks to all.

Our next kids trip is scheduled for 10/21/17.Aug 17 trip

A new year a new beginning


In mid January we had planning meeting with many of the mentors concerning planning for this year. We plan on having at least 4 trips and 2 of which are already scheduled. We have been in contact with the Sunnyvale PAL and they have committed two 2 trips starting in June. All of our plans are contingent on what the California Dept of Wildlife decides for ocean rockfish and salmon fishing.

There is a fund raising event planned for sometime in mid to late April. It will be held at the Treasure Island Winery with wine tasting and food available. More on this later. If anyone is interested in attending this event please contact us at

This blog will be updated as plans become clearer. You can use the contact form below to request more information.